Importadora y Exportadora Nimar, S. A. obtained its Commercial License Type A on October 13, 1989, with address at 30th Street, Calidonia. At first, Importadora y Exportadora Nimar, S. A.  was engaged in the wholesale purchase and sale of groceries and hardware goods. In the year of 1990 thanks to fast growth Nimar, S.A.  moves to a new warehouse in Via Israel. Thanks to the effort and growth in the following years, an expansion is necessary. By the middle of 1997 Nimar moved to a new warehouse and office building, located on Ave 1 ra and 4th street, Parque Lefevre, where it is currently located.
Currently Importadora y Exportadora Nimar, S. A. is responsible for the sale and distribution of high quality food products. All of the brands that Nimar distributes are handled in exclusivity.  These brands are present in different points of sale around the entire Panamanian territory.

Nimar, S.A. Strives to efficiently develop our role as distributors of quality products. With the purpose of satisfying the demands of our clients and providing a superior service to customers and suppliers.


The vision of Nimar, S.A. Is to maintain recognition of the company as one of the most important distributors of quality products in Panama. And to maximize the sales of each product in order to position each brand at the highest possible level.


Staying among the most recognized companies in the market with competitive prices to achieve customer satisfaction. Conserve a workforce that allows you to perform operations efficiently and effectively with the goal of maximizing represented brands